Australia: ‘Forefront of tensions': Macron offers Morrison France's support in China row

Scott Morrison asks global allies to defend freedom over autocracy, warning of competition with China

  Scott Morrison asks global allies to defend freedom over autocracy, warning of competition with China G7 leaders are planning an ambitious pledge on climate change but the Prime Minister will stand apart from other advanced economies by not going any further on Australia's existing commitments.Prime Minister Scott Morrison will seek a new commitment from Australia's global allies to defend a world order that favours freedom over autocracy, warning of a strategic competition with China that parallels the uncertainties of the 1930s.

Paris: French President Emmanuel Macron has condemned China for using economic coercion to intimidate Australia, labelling the tactics a "flagrant breach" of international law.

French President Emmanuel Macron and Prime Minister Scott Morrison pose before dinner at the Elysee Palace in Paris, France on June 15. © Getty French President Emmanuel Macron and Prime Minister Scott Morrison pose before dinner at the Elysee Palace in Paris, France on June 15.

Welcoming Prime Minister Scott Morrison to the Élysée Palace on Tuesday evening local-time, Macron offered some of the strongest public backing of any world leader since the disintegration of the relationship between Canberra and the rising superpower.

"You are at the forefront of the tensions that exist in the region, of the threats, and sometimes of the intimidation, and I want to reiterate here how much we stand by your side," the President said.

What's in a slap? France ponders meaning of Macron assault

  What's in a slap? France ponders meaning of Macron assault French President Emmanuel Macron has vowed to continue greeting crowds during his travels despite being slapped in the face, sparking debate Wednesday about whether such walkabouts are wise in a fraught political climate and what the assault symbolised for the country. - Safety debate - Macron has vowed to defy fears for his own safety and continue to meet-and-greet voters, despite the risk of encountering violent "yellow vest" protesters, orMacron shrugged off being struck across the face on Tuesday in the village of Tain l'Hermitage, calling it an "isolated event", and he defiantly fistbumped onlookers later in the day in the nearby town of Valence.

"I would like to reiterate how committed France remains to defending the balance in the Indo-Pacific region and how much we consider the partnership we have with Australia to be at the heart of this Indo-Pacific strategy.

"As a token of friendship and solidarity, and as we discussed together during the G7, we firmly reject any coercive economic measures taken against Australia in flagrant violation of international law."

Macron did not name any country specifically but his unusually strong language and repeated mentions of the Indo-Pacific were obvious references to China.

The regime of President Xi Jinping has applied trade bans and tariffs on more than $20 billion worth of Australian exports recently after Canberra ramped up its criticism of Beijing.

Mixed emotions for Macron as US re-engages with world

  Mixed emotions for Macron as US re-engages with world Emmanuel Macron wrapped his arm around Joe Biden's shoulders when they met for the first time on Friday at the G7 summit in Cornwall. - Baffled - Macron also welcomed Biden's announcement of a summit with Russia's Vladimir Putin but through gritted teeth, given the criticism he has faced for wanting to reach out to the Kremlin. "I have always advocated dialogue," he said. "I am sometimes surprised that those who think that France is wrong to talk say that the United States is right to talk."But there are sometimes things in life that escape me.

Earlier in London, British Prime Minister also backed Australia in its tussle with Beijing but warned the world still had to work with it.

"We stand shoulder to shoulder with our friends," Johnson told reporters at Downing Street.

"But I think I probably speak for Scott as well when I say nobody wants to descend into a new Cold War with China. We don't see that as the way forward.

"This is a difficult relationship where it is vital to engage with China in as positive a way as we can."

Asked what aspects of China's behaviour concerned him most, Johnson nominated its treatment of the Uighurs, the people of Hong Kong, and the way it acts towards the region and Australia in particular.

Tuesday's comments by Macron and Johnson capped off a significant week on the international community's response to China.

The G7 summit in Britain condemned Beijing for human rights abuses and its use of "non-market policies and practices which undermine" the global economy, while NATO also declared China poses "systemic challenges" to international order.

between Macron and Erdogan, a "appeased" head-to-tensioning head

 between Macron and Erdogan, a © Copyright 2021, Obs after Voltage months , French presidents Emmanuel Macron and Turk RECEP TAYYIP Erdogan met at Brussels this Monday, June 14 in "a calm climate", committing to "working together" on Libya and Syria, according to the Head of State French. The two leaders also addressed the case of Fabien Azoulay , a Frenchman sentenced to 16 years in prison by Turkish Justice for Narcotics in 2017.

After arriving at the French President's official Paris residence for a working dinner, Morrison praised Macron as one of Europe's most substantial leaders.

"The work you have done in supporting and standing with Australia as we go through some difficult times Indo-Pacific - we greatly appreciate that," he said.

Morrison landed in Paris on Tuesday after earlier announcing an in-principle agreement had been struck for a new free trade deal between Australia and Britain.

The Prime Minister is expected to use the dinner with Macron to raise the government's dissatisfaction with the troubled $90 billion deal with French company Naval Group for a fleet of new submarines.

Defence earlier this month confirmed it was looking at alternatives if the agreement does not go ahead.

Macron called the submarines a "pillar of our partnership and of the relationship of trust between our two countries".

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