Sport: "Mandela Day" in South Africa: The cleaning operations have imposed

South Africa’s unrest and the ANC’s many failings

  South Africa’s unrest and the ANC’s many failings For years, the governing party has used immigrants as scapegoats instead of addressing socioeconomic woes.One month later, the country descended into mass unrest, looting, arson and violence that destroyed thousands of businesses and led to 212 deaths. It is not the first time South Africa experiences such upheaval and one has to wonder why its head of state got invited to make a “token” appearance at a gathering of the world’s top wealthiest nations, when clearly things are not “pretty good”.

En Afrique du Sud, on célèbre le «Mandela Day» chaque 18 juillet. © AP / Nardus Engelbrecht in South Africa, we celebrate the "Mandela Day" every 18th of July.

South Africa commemorates the memory of former President Nelson Mandela. Known under the name "Mandela Day", this day aims to pay tribute to him. Each person can grant 67 minutes of his time for the right cause. This year, after several days of looting in the country, it is the cleaning operations that have become obvious. In the regions of Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal, several communities are met to clear the businesses covered with debris and detritus, after being vandalized.

with our special envoy to Durban, Romain Song

Queues form in Durban due to shortages after riots

  Queues form in Durban due to shortages after riots South Africans are clearing up after days of protests against the arrest of ex-President Jacob Zuma.Firefighters are cleaning up the mess, helped by local residents wielding brooms.

They decided to spend the day in this vandalized supermarket, despite the ground fatty food ground and the bin smell.

"We try to continue the fight of Mandela. He bequeathed us the spirit of forgiveness, kindness. We want to show people we are always united, "said this man.

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"These are the people who have proposed their help, they have not been asked. Thanks to their help, everything should soon be in order, "says a woman.

Volunteers were encouraged by local figures of the ANC, identifiable with their Nelson Mandela t-shirts and hats.

"Every year, we spend 67 minutes helping our community by cleaning or any other thing that is useful. People have emerged from time to come here and spend the day offering help because of what happened in recent days, "says a woman.

"Here the inhabitants suffer. They have no more places to go shopping. That's why we came to help this supermarket to enable it to reopen. For sure, Mandela would not like to see all this bazaar, "said, for his part, a man.

President Cyril Ramaphosa also dedicated part of his Mandela Day to a cleaning operation. "These events have united us like never before," he said.

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