World: Sport has the stuff to the virus screw: even the own sponsors are ashamed of Olympia

This Olympia moment finishes a delicate argument

 This Olympia moment finishes a delicate argument 49 years after the Olympic Attat of Munich, the Israeli victims first receive a silo-minute during the opening ceremony - decades of brisant politics. © Provided by This Olympia moment ends a delicate dispute 49 years after the assassination of Munich and the notorious announcement "The Games Must Go On" the organizers of the Olympic Games have set a long-awaited sign.

Several restrictions have been put in place in an attempt to safeguard against an outbreak in the Olympic Village and protect Japanese citizens from variants of the virus which may have been imported by traveling athletes. incidents. Sport , though, has a unique ability to unify people. It remains to be seen whether even an event as colossal as the Olympics can persuade a surly Japanese populace that holding the event – at mammoth cost to the country – is anything but a bad idea.

The Tokyo Olympics have finally opened after a year of delays caused by the Covid pandemic with Naomi Osaka handed the honour of lighting the cauldron following a spectacular opening ceremony. The ceremony paid tribute to Japan's history and traditional crafts such as woodworking, as well as modern culture - the athletes processed to a score made up of video game themes from popular Japanese games. Tennis player Naomi Osaka lights the Olympic cauldron to mark the official opening of the Tokyo 2020 Games which were delayed by a year due to the pandemic.

a lot of rejection, no viewers, no mood: Olympia in Tokyo is a farce and would never have been allowed to be used. A comment.

Eröffnungsfeier in Tokio. © Photo: Imago Images / Itar-TASS Opening Ceremony in Tokyo.

The party is arranged. Billions are invested, no efforts have been spared. The Olympic Games , the largest sports festival in the world, can begin. On Friday at 13 o'clock German time they were opened in Tokyo . The stupid is only: There were no viewers invited. The pandemism in Japan did not allow this.

Still stupid but is that at the party hardly anyone wanted to attend anyway. Almost 80 percent of Japanese are indifferent or negative to these games. And that for months. The organizers, the International Olympic Committee and the Japanese government, pressed the event lasting until 8 August.

3. Olympic participation: "Oil Man" Taufatofua again

 3. Olympic participation: At the opening ceremony of the Olympic Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro, Pita Taufatofua was famous from Tonga 2016. In Tokyo, he wants to worry again - not only at the ceremony. © Provided by 3. Olympic participation: "Oil Man" Taufatofua Again Pita Taufatofua became celebrity at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. , however, not for what he did in the competition, but rather for his oiled body at the opening ceremony. also with the winter games 2018 in Pyeongchang he was there.

“It’s the stuff that outlasts the podium that should be the real measure of success. “How many athletes have actually inspired others to be active, to take up sport , or are themselves still involved in sport in years to come?” she added. “The statistics are not great and a recent UK Active study showed that Munday, though, still believes the sight of British athletes trying to go faster, stronger and higher together will inspire millions watching back home. “ We ’ re excited by the medal-winning potential of this team, and by the opportunity also for us to assess the long-term health of Olympic and Paralympic

" Sport has been built, designed and organised for male participants," said Cheryl Cooky, a professor of gender studies at Purdue University and editor of Sociology of Sport Journal. When exceptions are made, "it's considered a 'special' accommodation" - another way of saying that women's sports are "less" than men's, she said. image captionCanadian basketball veteran Kim Gaucher had to fight to bring her infant daughter to the game. Tokyo's organisers reversed themselves three weeks ahead of the Games following Gaucher's video plea and mounting public pressure. "That is not acceptable.

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None two weeks after the football championship Is the next mass collection of people in sports during the Coronavirus Pandemic. This time no viewers are allowed. But the number of persons immediately involved in the games in Tokyo is around 70,000. Around 18,000 people are located in the Olympic village alone. And already in the past few days, some corona cases have been reported from the village. Every new positive test confirms the many Olympic Gegners.

The dislike is now so far that even its own sponsors are ashamed of the games. The carmaker Toyota does not want to broadcast any spots in Japan in which the own products are linked to Olympia. The visit of the opening ceremony has canceled the CEOs of all Olympic sponsors. It is a party on which you do not want to be seen. Would be pretty embarrassing.

Olympia Dream Burded for Rehm - CAS has complaint from

 Olympia Dream Burded for Rehm - CAS has complaint from with a start in Tokyo at the Olympic Games, Paralympics Star Markus Rehm wanted to set a sign. But the CAS put his Veto. © Provided by Olympic dream for Rehm burst - CAS has complaint from Paralympics Star Markus Rehm has to bury its hopes for participation in the Olympic Games in Tokyo. According to Rehms Management, the International Sport Court (CAS) reported the application of the Leverkusen Para-Wissenprungswel recorder to an approval in a separate rating.

A trio of England players have suffered racist abuse online after missing penalties in a tense shootout at Wembley that handed the Euro 2020 title to Italy, as Prime Minister Boris Johnson was called out for hypocrisy. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson also addressed the matter, saying: "This England team deserve to be lauded as heroes, not racially abused on social media. "Those responsible for this appalling abuse should be ashamed of themselves." Home Secretary Priti Patel said she was "disgusted" that England players "who have given so much for our country this summer have been

" The viral load is not very high." "Breakthroughs are expected, and we need to better understand who’s at risk and whether people who have a breakthrough can transmit the virus to others," he continued. "In some cases, they’ll be shedding such low levels of the virus and won’t be transmitting to others." Todd Ellerin, director of infectious diseases at South Shore Health, expressed the need to get as many people vaccinated due to the highly contagious variants. Click here to get the fox news app. He made the plea as new virus cases were at record lows in the state last week amid the vaccine

Video: Olympia: Superfan Kyoko Ishikawa does not spoil the joy (euronews)

because of ethics of sport. It's about the Zaster

The image of the Olympic Games is again in the basement . Nothing has remained left of the great guidelines of the Olympic Founder Pierre de Coubertin. Because of ethics of sport. It's about the zaster. If the games were canceled in Tokyo, the IOC and the host country would have lost many billions. That's why Olympia takes place. No yet so pathetic message on Friday can be laminated this fact.

it would have been nice if one or the other nation would have set a sign and boycotted the games. Why not already Germany?! This circus would have liked to take place in a smaller scale. Many Japanese and Japanese were happy about it.

sure there is also another view of things. What about the almost 12,000 athletes and athletes? For many of them, the competitions in Tokyo are a life goal. And what about the billion spectators and spectators in front of the screens giving Olympia joy and entertainment? And of course, it should be asked if the health risk that goes out of the games is really so big. The measures for infectious protection around the games in Tokyo are huge.

Olympia Dream over: Two medal citizens tested positively

 Olympia Dream over: Two medal citizens tested positively Two medal candidates miss the Olympic Golf tournament for Corona infections. © Provided by Olympic dream over: Two medal counters ago Tested positively Two medal cavals miss the Olympic Golf Tournament for Corona infections. World's World Round Listing and Impacting US Open Winner Jon Rahm (Spain) as well as the former major winner Bryson Dechambeau (USA) have been positively tested before their trip to Tokyo in the compulsory PCR tests. Both had last played at the British Open.

A Russian woman with a malignant lymphoma, who battled Covid-19 for five months, was found to have 18 different mutations of the virus inside her body. She first caught it in April and last tested positive in September. “The new variant of the coronavirus found in Russia belongs to the same group as the British ‘strain,’” he told Moscow newspaper Izvestia. “They have common mutations. But there are also new ones.” On Monday, Alexander Gintsburg, head of the Gamaleya Centre which developed the Sputnik V vaccine, noted that there is a high probability that Russia already has its own strain.

But at the moment no one can tell if the strict arrangements help. Sport has the stuff to the virus screw. This has shown the football championship only a few weeks ago. In addition, people from around 200 nations come together in Tokyo. If there is a favorable breeding ground for new mutations, then at Olympia.

The fear of the Japanese before the games is therefore justified, and the anger that opens the organizers of many citizens and citizens is entitled. The sports festival is aligned in one place whose inhabitants want their peace. Especially in pandemeal times.

The athletes and athlete can not be done anything about it. For many of them Olympia is the only chance to show up on a big stage. The games secure their sporty existence. They now deserve how Olympia has been squeezed that attention is paid and reported on them. Even if the party will probably be Trist in Tokyo.

hockey men reach quarterfinals .
The German hockey men have reached the quarterfinals at the Olympic Games thanks to Schützenhilfe before their preliminary round. © Provided by Hockey Men reach quarterfinals The German hockey men have reached the quarterfinals at the Olympic Games thanks to Schützenhilfe before their preliminary round.

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