Canada: The American West stifles in heat and fires

Forest firefighter dies after medical emergency in northwestern Ontario

  Forest firefighter dies after medical emergency in northwestern Ontario A forest firefighter has died after a medical emergency that occurred last week in the Fort Frances area, the province's Aviation, Forest Fire and Emergency Services agency said.AFFES fire information officer Chris Marchand said the agency and the Ministry of Northern Development, Mines, Natural Resources and Forestry are "deeply saddened" by the firefighter's death.

Les panaches de fumées de l'incendie criminel près de Bly, dans l'Oregon, le 12 juillet 2021. © AP - Nathan Howard Criminal Fire Fire Plugs near Bly, Oregon, July 12, 2021.

West American Suffer with A third intense heat wave. California to Montana, more than 30 million inhabitants are placed in heat alert. And as if it was not enough, the Extreme Heat Cocktail and Drought causes gigantic forest fires completely out of control.

In recent days, 54 degrees have been recorded in the Death Valley, reports our correspondent to San Francisco, Eric de Salve . This is almost the highest temperature ever seen anywhere in the American West. The thermometer is the third time already this summer: 48 degrees in Las Vegas, a record, 42 degrees in Salt Lake City, a record as well. North of San Francisco, in Redding, he made 47 degrees.

heat, drought, lightning and therefore fires: the American West expects the worst

 heat, drought, lightning and therefore fires: the American West expects the worst © supplied by the point d e the lightning, wind, a high mercury and an alarming drought: the American West already ravaged Through the fires prepared at worst Friday facing a cocktail of weather forecasts for the emergence of new fires this weekend. It is in the state of Oregon, just north of California, that the situation is the most disturbing. The Bootleg Fire, a fire already bigger than the city of New York, keeps fat.

California, Oregon, Arizona, Idaho ... None of these states in the United States is spared by fires currently ravaging some 350,000 hectares of vegetation, according to the latest assessment of the authorities. If 2020 was the worst year of California's modern history, it is possible that 2021 already bats this record. The fires have already consumed twice as much vegetation than last year at the same time, according to state fire managers.

Short Showers and Air Conditioned

with 85% of the Californian territory declared in the state of extreme drought, Governor Gavin Newsome asks the people to halve his consumption of water and electricity. The inhabitants of the entire California have been invited Monday to disconnect their unnecessary devices, cut off their air conditioning and their oven from 16h to 21h local, in order to voluntarily ration of their electricity consumption. California, fifth global economic power but endowed with aging electric infrastructure, wants to avoid diving millions of people again in the dark, as was the case in previous years.

'A race against time': First Nations, towns in northwestern Ontario prepare to evacuate as wildfires approach

  'A race against time': First Nations, towns in northwestern Ontario prepare to evacuate as wildfires approach As firefighting crews race to bring wildfires across northwestern Ontario under control, First Nations and towns are monitoring the weather forecast and making urgent plans for evacuations."Our community is in a race against time," said Pikangikum First Nation Chief Dean Owen in a written statement. "With so many communities being evacuated due to the fires, we are all competing for limited resources and space.

Last week, the governor had already urged the population to reduce water consumption by 15%, decreasing, for example, the irrigation of lawns and taking shorter showers. It is so hot by place that game parks had to be closed. The temperature of the surfaces in the sun exceeding 70 degrees, the children might be burned.

This Dantesque cocktail already feeds several immense fires as in Oregon where 200 people have died of heat since the beginning of July. Near Tahoe Lake, a huge forest fire has doubled volume since Sunday on the border between California and Nevada.

An unprecedented situation which, according to the group of scientists World Weather Attribution, would be impossible without climate change.

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Steamy Tokyo summers have Olympic organizers bracing for the worst .
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