Sport: 1st-May: Lille, Mélenchon on one side, the rest of the left and the greens of the other

Lille: The V'Lille are offered one (small) lifting to celebrate their 10 years

 Lille: The V'Lille are offered one (small) lifting to celebrate their 10 years A few months of the tenth anniversary of its launch, the Lille self-service bicycle device operated tiny changes on its frames © Ilévia The new v'Lille deployed since April. MOBILITE - A few months of the tenth anniversary of its launch, the Lille self-service bicycle device operated tiny changes on its frames v'lille, a business that rolls. In September, it will be ten years since the Lille metropolis a inaugurated its self-service bicycle service.

Escape the new King of these isles. He will lead usto glory And provide Newlands for our people! TREASURE Moredhel And Pantathian, Guarding Our Lid, Did Close Her Ever So Tightly. HOLE It can hold you, But you cannot hold it. And the more you remove you are ready to see what waits on the other side . CHEST At last you may solve this. MILK You can spin, wheel and twist. But it can turn without moving.

"With the growing threat of Euroskeptic parties destabilizing the eurozone's unity weighing heavily on sentiment, the euro may be in store for further punishment," Lukman Otunuga of FXTM said Wednesday. Melenchon , 65, is an unlikely iconoclast. He spent decades in mainstream politics, serving in a Socialist government and in parliament. The player — represented by a rudimentary caricature of Melenchon — grabs leading politicians and shakes them until money falls from their pockets. The money, presumably stolen from the masses, can then be used to build a more egalitarian economy.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon parade Saturday in Lille with France unsuitable, despite the attempts of "traits of Union "Other heavyweights from the left and green greens.

  1er-Mai : A Lille, Mélenchon d'un côté, le reste de la gauche et les Verts de l'autre © Reuters / Pascal Rossignol

At the Lille manifestation of 1st-May, the candidate of France unsuitable for the presidential election Jean-Luc Mélenchon parade Saturday with his family, despite the attempts of "union traits" Other heavyweights from the left and greens present.

"I wish you May 1, 2022 I can come back to see you as President"

The member of Bouches-du-Rhône, "Guest" in the North by the LFI deputies of the department, walked with the Cortège LFI, without move and without talking to the press. "I have a wish to do for the working class, the employees, the workers, the humble people who live only of their work (...): to be liberated from the fear of unemployment, the dismissal, the fear of the next day because tomorrow Could be beautiful, bright, "he launched during a speech to his activists at the beginning of the event.

Military Tribune: "Factux and Loose", denounces Mélenchon

 Military Tribune: © Europe 1 Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the leader of France unsuitable and candidate for the presidential election, was Wednesday the political guest of "Europe Evening". In particular, he wanted to denounce what he considers a bidding on the part of the signatory soldiers of two forums in "current values", but also of certain police unions.

In the event, Melenchon came third, leaving his Socialist rival to battle and narrowly defeat Marine Le Pen in the second round. Here we translate the comments of the Left Front leader on the failed campaign, picking up his blog on June 13, three days after the first round of the elections and four We are participating in the current charade, and we respect the conclusion of that charade because we are republicans and we submit to the rule of law and the constitution as long as the people have not changed it themselves. Having said that, it would be a grave error to expect anything other than what

If you really want to hear about it, the first thing you'll probably want to know is where I was born, and what my lousy childhood was like, and how my parents were occupied and. When he says “If you really want to hear about it” etc. Salinger’s narrator affects an insecure teen longing to communicate and be heard. However, I think Salinger is also deliberately reacting to the terse, ‘modern’ style characterized by Anderson and Hemingway by creating a narrative voice which is neither lean nor athletic.

"I wish you May 1, 2022 I can come back to see you as President of the Republic, having reinstated the 8 hours of work, the 35 hours, retirement at 60," he added.

At the back of the procession that gathered a few thousand people, Karima Delli, head of the union of the left and ecologists for the regional in the Hauts-de-France, discussed with the socialist mayor From Lille Martine Aubry, the Mayor of Grenoble candidate for the ecologist Eric Piolle presidential election, and the boss and probable candidate of the communists to the presidential Fabien Roussel.

"Here is the 1st of May, it's not the party in Mélenchon", is Martine Aubry

"It takes union features, you have to chat with everyone, respect everyone. Everyone must have a fair place in all the discussions, no clumsy ", said the former number 2 of the green Sandrine Rousseau who slipped a few minutes next to Jean-Luc Mélenchon behind the LFI banner" a job for each".

"Here is the 1st-May, it's not the party in Mélenchon. We are here to support the workers. If he wants to see us, he knows where we are", has annoyed himself on his side Martine Aubry.

"You are false tokens"

it is only after two hours of manifestation that Karima Delli and other green elected officials finally went to Jean-Luc Mélenchon. "We support you the regional and you send us to the departmental (...) you are false tokens, that's all," he said, surrounded by journalists. "We are here for the rally," tried Senator Eelv Esther Benbassa. "It's not true Esther, does not tell bullshit," he replied.

The event took place in peace.

Lille lays down in the master fight against Paris Saint-Germain .
The Osc Lille has put pressure on Paris Saint-Germain in the fight for the French football championship. © Michel Spingler / AP / DPA Lille striker Burak Yilmaz (L) met in Lens twice. The team from northern France won 3-0 (2: 0) at RC Lens and enlarged the lead to the capital city for the time being on four points. PSG must win on Sunday (21.00 clock) at Stade Rennes to stay at the leadership.

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