Ireland: Strike railway in Ile-de-France. The traffic disrupted on the first day of the oral tests of the Bac

mobile radio: Voltage gap detected in encryption mechanism

 mobile radio: Voltage gap detected in encryption mechanism researchers have apparently found a clearly open vulnerability in an obsolete encryption mechanism for mobile traffic. Many mobile phones still use the algorithm today. © Candbedone / Shutterstock Old devices can fall back to GPRS and thus the insecure algorithm in areas with poor network coverage.

Dans le métro parisien le 11 mai 2020. © Yann Castanier / West-France in the Paris metro on 11 May 2020.

A strike is announced by the railways, Monday, June 21, in Île-de -France. Bad news for high school students convened for the baccalaureate oral tests.

Traffic will be disrupted in Ile-de-France Monday, as a result of a local social movement, especially on the lines C, D and E of the RER as well as on the transilien, on the first day of the tests of Oral French and Grand Oral of the Baccalaureate, announced the SNCF Sunday, June 20th.

The service will be normal for lines A, B, H, K, T. There will be a train on two on the lines J, L and U; One in three train with serving all axes for lines C, E, N.

Regional elections in France: a new delicate test for the Socialist Party

 Regional elections in France: a new delicate test for the Socialist Party © AFP - Sameer Al-Doumy The former Journalist Audrey Pulvar is one of the socialist candidates in Île-de-France. Competition between parties, difficulty to build alliances, dynamics favorable to the right and the extreme right, the departmental and regional elections are delicate for the French left. However, these polls could weigh in the perspective of the presidential election.

a three train will roll on line D, but with interconnection hanging between Châtelet and Gare de Lyon. The service of the stations at the start of Corbeil for Juvisy Via Ris-Orangis, Malesherbes and Melun is assured by bus.

also a train on three for the P and R lines, with there too some of the stations served by buses.

A "slight delay" can be accepted

SNCF indicates that "red vests" are mobilized to inform and help students candidates in the tray.

In case of problems, they

"must present themselves with the SNCF agents in stations or on board", and "depending on the hazard and context, these may be required to find a substitute means. candidates ".


"SNCF also informs the rectorates of any consequences in case of disturbances. In operation, rectorates can accept a slight delay of the candidates, "she says in her communiqué. The railway company

"invites people who planned to travel by train in Ile-de-France Monday to report to the extent possible their way".

RER drivers and suburban trains are called to cease the work by several unions because "the Cup is full", protests in a South-Rail tract, joined according to the lines by the CGT, UNSA and the CFDT.

This call for the strike relays claims that may vary depending on the lines, but their common point

"it is the opening to competition"

and the reorganizations already operated for future tenders, according to Fabien Dumas , Federal Secretary of South Rail.

SNCF, Paris airports ... Serial strikes for the beginning of the holidays .
The consequences for travelers still have difficult to predict © Jacques Witt / Sipa a passenger awaits his flight to Orly airport. Social Movement - The consequences for travelers still have difficult to predict while the first departures on vacation are, the beginning of summer is already hot at the SNCF and at Aéroports de Paris (ADP), with Several social movements planned in the coming days.

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