US News: Four rockets from Lebanon to Israel, which replicates

What kind of rockets are drawn on Israel?

 What kind of rockets are drawn on Israel? © Jack GUEZ An agent manipulates debris of a rocket after falling in the city of Ashkelon this Tuesday. Question asked by Antoine on May 11, 2021. Hello, Thursday morning, the Israeli army Tsahal announced that more than 1,050 rockets had been drawn to Israel, mainly south and the center of the country, in three days . The communication of the army evokes shots up to 145 kilometers away. The Israeli army clarified that this number includes rocket shots and mortar shells from the Gaza Strip.

  Quatre roquettes tirées du Liban vers Israël, qui réplique © Copyright 2021, the Obs

Four rockets were drawn on Wednesday, May 19 from South Lebanon towards Israel, third incident of the genre in less than a week, AFP has indicated a Lebanese military source.

The shots, which have not been claimed in the immediate future, have been made from an area close to the village of Seddiqine, in the region of Tire, said this source speaking on the cover of anonymity.


Israeli artillery shots to Lebanon were launched in retaliation at these rockets, said the army.

"Four rockets have been drawn from Lebanon to Israeli territory. The iron dome antimissile shield intercepted one of them and the other three are probably fallen into vague grounds. In retaliation, our artillery targeted targets in Lebanese territory, "she said in a brief message to the press.

Green Chancellor Candidate: How does Baerbock be holding with weapons for Israel?

 Green Chancellor Candidate: How does Baerbock be holding with weapons for Israel? Three years ago, the green politician turned against the supply of submarines to Israel. In a new role now, she clearly differentiates its attitude. © Photo: F. BOILOT / Imago Images / Snapshot has to behave for comments that she has made years ago: Green Chancellor Candidate Annalena Baerbock. Chancellor's candidates of Greens, Union and SPD have sharply sentenced the rocket handles of Hamas to the Israeli civilian population and referred to the security of Israel as German State Räson.

Far from any appeasement, Israeli air strikes intensified this Wednesday on the Gaza Strip. The army said waiting "the opportune moment" to cease his shots on the Palestinian enclave.

"We hope to restore calm"

The Israeli Prime Minister continues to threaten the Palestinians. "There are only two possibilities to confront them, either you come to the end, and it is always a possibility, or you dissuade them and we are currently engaged in a firm deterrence," said Benyamin Netanyahu to ambassadors in Tel Aviv. "I must say that we do not gain any possibility," he added.

"What we are trying to do is precisely: reduce their capacities, their terrorist means, and reduce their determination," he continued. "We hope to be able to restore calm and hope to be able to restore it quickly. I mean we do this by doing the maximum to avoid civilian victims. "The more the hard conflict, the more the chances of Netanyahu to maintain itself to be growing"

Lead 1-USA Ready to help Israel and Palestinians If they are looking for a ceasefire

 Lead 1-USA Ready to help Israel and Palestinians If they are looking for a ceasefire Israel-Palestinians / UN (Lead 1, TV, Photo): Lead 1-USA Ready to help Israel and the Palestinians If they are looking for a ceasefire (updated with new statements) by Michelle Nichols New York, May 16 (Reuters) - The United States said Sunday to the United Nations Security Council that they had Clearly knowing Israel, Palestinians and other parties that they were ready to offer "if the parties were looking for a ceasefire" to put an end to the violent current clashes between Israel and the Pal

since the beginning of this new cycle of violence between Israel and armed groups of the Gaza Strip, at the top of which Hamas, at least Palestinians were killed in Israeli strikes on the densely populated Palestinian enclave and underlock, according to the Ministry of Local Health. Israeli side, twelve people perished after rocket strikes towards the Israeli territory, according to the police.

So far, international diplomatic efforts have failed. During a new call to the Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, American President Joe Biden has tightened the tone on Wednesday and said to expect a "de-escalation" to a ceasefire.

five decades of conflicts

Israeli forces claim to have aim, in addition to rocket launch sites, several headquarters of Hamas,

of the houses of its

leaders, equipment as well as undergrounds used for the movement of ammunition and activists. . The murderer clashes erupted on May 10 after the Hamas rocket shot on Israel in solidarity with the hundreds of Palestinian protesters wounded in clashes with the Israeli police on the

esplanade of the

mosques in Jerusalem East. "We are in a situation of chaos": in Israel, the shock of Jewish and Arab Youth

has the origin of these clashes, the threat of expulsion of Palestinian families for the benefit of Israeli settlers in a district of Jerusalem East , Palestinian sector occupied by Israel for more than fifty years.

opinion: calm in front of a new storm in Israel and Gaza? .
The ceasefire between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip makes people breathe on both sides. But a real step towards peace in the Middle East is not, says Sarah Hofmann. © Amir Cohen / Reuters Nightborn Rocket Coring on Israel's Cities - Here Ashkelon. Israel's army replied with attacks on Gaza , which means the word "ceasefire" , you can probably only understand if you have experienced how loud it is when the weapons do not be silent.

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