US News: Kamala Harris is the first American vice-president to scroll during the

United States. "Do not come! The Vice President Kamala Harris calls illegal migrants to give up

 United States. © Carlos Barria / Reuters Facing the President of Guatemala, Kamala Harris said the United States would show firmness with migrants. The Vice-President of the United States Kamala Harris has been firm when traveling to Central America, trying to dissuade illegal migrants to come to the United States.

La vice-présidente, Kamala Harris et son époux, Douglas Emhoff lors de la Capital Pride à Washington DC. (le 12 juin 2021.) pride march © Abaca The Vice President, Kamala Harris and his husband, Douglas Emhoff during the Pride capital in Washington DC. (June 12, 2021.)

" Love is Love ", was he written on the American Vice President's T-shirt. Saturday, June 12, Kamala Harris participated, in the company of his husband, at the Capital Pride event in Washington D.c. It became the first vice-president in office to participate in the march of pride. Along with his wife, Douglas Emhoff wore a siglé " Love First " t-shirt in the colors of the rainbow, symbol of the LGBTQ + pride. According to NBC Washington , the torque would have joined the participants of the parade on the Freedom Plaza by wishing them an " Happy Pride ".

also the sixth AFD candidate fails

 also the sixth AFD candidate fails Berlin. Even if the legislature period ends in a few weeks: the parties in the Bundestag remain hard when rejecting an AFD politician as a Bundestag Vice President. On Thursday, candidate number six was rejected. © Fabian Sommer AFD Member Harald Weyel (archive image). The AFD MEP Harald Weyel has repeated the vice-president of the Bundestag again. On Thursday, 531 parliamentarians agreed with no, 101 gave a yes. Twice he had already missed the necessary majority.

The Deputy Chairman also made a brief statement at the event, promising that President Joe Biden's government would advance the rights of LGBTQ +: "We must ensure that our transgender community and our young people are all protected. We Need, still, protections around employment and housing. There is still so much work to do, and I know we are engaged. "

in video, Joe Biden surrounded by Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi, a first history for women

Video: Ebrard Recibe A Kamala Harris in AICM (Dailymotion)

Five years after the Orlando

attack The choice of the date From this event is not a coincidence. On June 12, 2016, the gay nightclub clients Pulse, Orlando, had been victims of a shootout. After parade, Kamala Harris paid tribute to them on his Twitter account : "Five years ago, 49 people LGBTQ + and Allies took advantage of an evening at Pulse Nightclub. And then, in a moment, they disappeared. Today, we remember those who died and their loved ones - and we are committed to building a world free of armed violence. "

That same day, President Joe Biden also wanted to commemorate this tragedy by designating the disco as "national monument". "In the coming days, I will sign a bill designating the Nightclub Pulse as a national monument, registering in the law what is true from this terrible day five years ago: the Pulse Nightclub is a sacred land", writes the US President in a press release. "In memory of all persons deceased at Pulse Nightclub five years ago, continue the work to be a better nation - a nation that recognizes and protects the dignity and security of each American."

Nicaragua. Daniel Ortega accuses his opponents, incarcerated, to want to overthrow him with Washington .
© Cesar Perez / Presidency of Nicaragua / AFP Daniel Ortega and his wife and vice-president, Rosario Murillo, June 23, 2021, in Managua. President Nicaraguan, who brignes a fourth term in November, had 19 opponents in recent weeks. The former Sandinist guerrilla estimated on Wednesday that they were "agents of the Yankee Empire." The President Nicaraguayen Daniel Orteg AA estimated Wednesday 23 June that the 19 opponents of five months of the elections were "criminals" and the "agents" of the U

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