US News: France: The journalists of Europe 1 go on strike

process against journalists again shifted

 process against journalists again shifted For more than a year Soulaiman Roissouni sits in Morocco in prison. The procedure against the regime critical journalists in the hunger strike has now been postponed again. His condition is life-threatening bad. © Mosa'ab Elshamy / AP Photo / Picture Alliance Supporters demand in Rabat the release of the detained journalists Omar Radi and Soulaiman Raissouni (25.05.2021) Actually, the process against him should have long since ended, but again and again the procedure was postponed .

Photo d'archive prise le 29 novembre 2018, où l'on peut voir le bâtiment abritant des médias français dont Europe 1, à Paris. © AFP - Philippe Lopez photo of archive taken on November 29, 2018, where one can see the building housing French media including Europe 1, in Paris.

The Private Radio Europe 1, which has been ceasing for about ten years to dive into polls, lives since this Friday an unprecedented situation: the entire writing goes on strike.

It's a sad first in Europe 1. All journalists, gathered in intersyndicale, start a perilous iron arm with their direction. They challenge the launch of a young journalist, Victor Dholland, who had surprised a Human Resources employee on Wednesday recording an internal meeting. He had caught her with vehemence.

Biden will talk to journalists without Putin after their top

 Biden will talk to journalists without Putin after their top USA-Russia-Summit: bid will speak to journalists without Putin after their Summit © Reuters / Kevin Lamarque Biden will speak to journalists without Putin after their Summit Carbis Bay, England (Reuters - Joe Biden will answer the questions of the journalists after his summit with Vladimir Putin Wednesday in Switzerland, said Saturday a head of the White House.

Employees of Europe 1 see in this disciplinary sanction the sign of a management by the terror, already experienced by the drafting of the Bolloré group, as lately in the service of Canal + sports.

The industrial Vincent Bolloré is indeed mounted to the capital of the Lagardère group which has the station. He wants to develop synergies between Radio Europe 1 and the CNEWS on-off television channel. A string that has operated in recent months a right-handed radical.

The Private Chain editors' society refuses to become an opinion medium at the dawn of an election year, and clarms fear of losing its most valuable property: its capital of credibility with auditors.

This crisis therefore breaks out in a tense climate, within an already "depressed" writing by the volunteer departure plan engaged in the spring to remove some forty positions and straighten the accounts of the radio, whose hearings are struggling to go back.

Europe 1 is on strike until Monday, June 21 at 10am. The suite given to the movement will be decided during a new general meeting that day.

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