US News: Ultrakonservative Raisi wins presidential election in Iran

The French Benjamin Brière held in Iran waiting for a trial for espionage

 The French Benjamin Brière held in Iran waiting for a trial for espionage © supplied by the point u n français detained in Iran for a year, Benjamin Brière, will be judged for "espionage", announced Sunday His lawyer, a few days after a public call from the prisoner's sister to President Emmanuel Macron to intervene for his release. At the end of the instruction, the parquet confirmed the prosecution for "espionage" and "propaganda against the political system of the Islamic Republic of Iran, indicated to AFP Mr.

Iran 's ultraconservative cleric and judiciary chief Ebrahim Raisi appears to have won the presidential election held on Friday, with other contestants in the race conceding defeat and congratulating him. Outgoing moderate President Hassan Rouhani also said in a televised speech on Saturday that his The EU and the US have imposed sanctions on Raisi for his role in the human rights violations that happened in Iran during the nationwide anti-government protests in 2019. His win would also give more power to Iranian hard-liners amid ongoing talks in Vienna to revive the 2015 nuclear deal struck by

Presidential candidate Ebrahim Raisi gestures after he votes during presidential elections at a polling station in Tehran, Iran June 18, 2021. © Majid Asgaripour/WANA. Follow RT on. Conservative judge Ebrahim Raisi has been declared the victor of Iran ’s presidential election . As the clear frontrunner, Raisi received congratulations from rival candidates hours before the results were announced. Iran ’s Interior Ministry made Raisi ’s victory official on Saturday morning, Iranian media reported.

Tehran. He was the pot favorite on the election victory in Iran: Ebrahim Raissi becomes new president of Iran. Media and observers expect he will break his predecessor with the moderate course.

 Ebrahim Raeissi (Archiv). © Atta Kenare Ebrahim Raissi (archive).

of 28.6 million voice delays were "more than 17.8 million" at Raissi, the chairman of the National Electoral Commission declared on Saturday in Tehran. Own were more than 59.3 million Iranians. The new president should then be sworn in in August. The current office owner Hassan Ruhani may no longer compete after two periods.

before the election, there had already been violent protests. Trigger was the decision of the election committee to sort out several top candidates without explanation. Since then, there has been a lot of disinterest in the population, as many Iranians do not want to participate in a staged and undemocratic election.

Iran elects its president, the UltraConservator Raissi shares winner

 Iran elects its president, the UltraConservator Raissi shares winner © Atta Kenare An Iranian passes between two posters of the presidential candidate Ebrahim Raisi, in Tehran on June 17, 2021 The Iranians designate Friday without great Friday Enthusiasm a new president on the occasion of an election that should devote the victory of the UltraConservant Ebrahim Raïssi. The Supreme Guide Ali Khamenei opened the ballot by voting next to his offices a few minutes after 7:00 (02:30 GMT).

Mr Raisi is Iran 's top judge and holds ultra - conservative views. He is under US sanctions and has been linked to past executions of political prisoners. Iran 's president is the second-highest ranking official in the country, after the supreme leader. The president has significant influence over domestic policy and foreign affairs. The unusual way power is held in Iran . Iran 's presidential election : Four ways it matters. Iran 's hardliners oppose greater social freedoms and are suspicious of the West, although some favour of a return to an international deal on Iran 's nuclear activity. The US pulled out of the deal, the Joint

Hardliner Ebrahim Raisi , who was expected to win Iran ’s presidential elections , is seen as close to supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Photograph: Wana News Agency/Reuters. Guardian staff and agencies. Raisi , the head of the judiciary whose black turban signifies direct descent from Islam’s Prophet Mohammed, is seen as close to the 81-year-old supreme leader, who has ultimate political power in Iran . Voting on Friday was extended by two hours past the original midnight deadline amid fears of a low turnout of 50% or less.

Four years ago, Raissi was still failed to President Ruhani. This time he has it easier, since Ruhani is no longer allowed to compete and the other candidates are not considered serious competition. Raissi is not only top candidate of the hardliners, but also wish president of the Establishment. The 60-year-old is politically a blank sheet. Observers believe that, unlike Ruhani - no moderate course would be driven, not even regarding the Vienna Atom Agreement of 2015.

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© SATTAR DAGHI / PEXELS Iranian nuclear: Germany open to an agreement despite the withdrawal of the former US President Donald Trump of the Vienna Agreement in 2018 , and the recent election of the UltraConservative Ebrahim Raisssi in the presidency of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the German Foreign Minister revives the hope for the signing of a new Iranian nuclear agreement.

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