US News: COVID. The Palestinians refuse the million almost outdated vaccines of Israel

Israel: Herzog, Bennett ... Who are Netanyahu's graves?

 Israel: Herzog, Bennett ... Who are Netanyahu's graves? © Y. Sindel / AFP 25717_1517082_K2_K1_3506958.jpg The new leaders come from Parliament and have been ministers and party leaders. But their profiles diverge. H ASARD Calendar, Isaac Herzog, 60, was elected President of the Hebrew State by the Knesset on June 2, only a few hours before the training of the government that will end the Netanyahu era. At his head, we should find Naftali Bennett, 49 years old. On the ideological level, the two men are antipodes.

Vaccination dans la ville palestinienne d’Hébron, en Cisjordanie. Comparé à Israël, très peu de Palestiniens sont vaccinés et quasiment aucun dans la surpeuplée bande de Gaza.  © EPA-EFE / ABED AL HASHLAMOUN Vaccination in the Palestinian city of Hebron, in the West Bank. Compared to Israel, very few Palestinians are vaccinated and almost none in the overcrowded Gaza Strip.

The Palestinian Authority has finally canceled the Agreement providing for the provision by Israel of one million doses of Pfizer vaccine against CVIV-19. According to her, vaccines supposed to be valid until August would be out of date at the end of June. They would not leave enough time to organize distribution and injection.

The Palestinian authority canceled the agreement concluded Friday with Israel on the transfer of more than one million doses of vaccines against the coronavirus. The doses are from being out of date, supports the authority chaired by Mahmoud Abbas, which controls the major cities of occupied West Bank.

United States: Caregivers Threatened with Dismissal If they refuse Anti-Covid-19

 United States: Caregivers Threatened with Dismissal If they refuse Anti-Covid-19 Vaccine © Halfpoint Images / Getty Images United States: Caregivers Threatened with Dismissal If they refuse anti-Covid-19 vaccine A federal judge rejected the complaints of employees at Houston Hospital, Texas, who did not want the VVID-19 vaccine to be mandatory to work. In the United States, the issue of mandatory vaccination seems to be taken very seriously. A hundred employees at the Houston Methodist Hospital, Texas, has made it the bitter discovery.

Israel had proposed to deliver up to 1.4 million from its doses of Pfizer vaccine expires, to the Palestinian Authority. In exchange, the latter had undertaken to give Israel an equivalent number of doses of the same vaccine from its own orders, expected in September or October. A win-win exchange: It was to allow Israel, whose population is already largely vaccinated, not to throw doses at the trash, and the Palestinians, of which very few are protected, to accelerate their injection campaign.

A date of expiry prior to that agreed

except that the first Israeli delivery of 90,000 doses revealed a date of expiry prior to the agreed, declared the Minister of Health of the Palestinian Authority. They told us that the expiry date was in July or August, which would leave a lot of time for use. But the date proved to be in June. Which does not leave enough time to use them, so we refused them, "said Al-Kala.

Israel: 1st test for the government with a step of the far right in Jerusalem-Est

 Israel: 1st test for the government with a step of the far right in Jerusalem-Est © provided by the point to Parently arrived, the new Israeli government passes Tuesday a first test: a march of Jewish activists Far right in the already energized area of ​​Jerusalem-is with the threat of another climbing with the Islamists of Hamas , in power in Gaza.

Photographs of the doses delivered by Israel, indicating June 2021 as the expiry date, quickly circulated on social networks and put under pressure the Palestinian authority.

News | A #vaccine Transfer from Israel to Palestine Was Canceled When The Palestinian Health Ministry Found The Vaccines to Be Expired This Month. The Israeli Occupation Were Later to Receive New Vaccines Initially EarMarked for #Palestine in Exchange. #covid #pfizer

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While a certain distrust has established itself in Palestine against AstraZeneca vaccines, provided as part of the COVAX initiative. World Health Organization, some suggested that these new doses might not be effective.

in Gaza and the West Bank, vaccination Patina

in the meantime, vaccination patina in the Palestinian territories of the West Bank and Gaza. Human Rights Organizations point the responsibility of Israel, citing the Fourth Geneva Convention, which requires it as an occupying power to ensure access to the care of the occupied populations. Israeli officials argue that under the Oslo Agreements (1993), the Ministry of Health of the Palestinian Authority is responsible for the vaccination of the inhabitants of Gaza and the West Bank.

Israel has vaccinated some 100,000 Palestinian workers who are employed in its territory and in the settlements of the West Bank, as well as the inhabitants of the eastern part of Jerusalem, conquered in 1967 and then annexed. But only 380,000 Palestinians in the West Bank (out of 2.5 million outside Jerusalem-East) and 50,000 in Gaza (out of 2 million) have been vaccinated.

anger of the Palestinians against their Government after the death of the Nizar Banat .
© Abbas Momani, AFP of the Palestinians demonstrate in Ramallah, in the West Bank, in Palestine, Saturday, June 26, 2021, against the violent arrest Thursday and the death of Nizar banat militant. of the clashes between protesters and Palestinian security forces erupted Saturday in the West Bank occupied on the third day of protests triggered after the death Thursday of the Palestinian activist Nizar Banat, known for his videos criticizing the Palestinian authority of Mahmoud Abbas.

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