US News: Pegasus: Amnesty Pointe "A World Human Rights Crisis"

"Compromise not necessary": Kremlin rejects same-sex marriage further from

 The Kremlin rejected a recognition of same-sex marriages. According to the Russian constitution, that was not permissible, said Kremlspreuter Dmitri Peskow the agency Interfax according to Wednesday. President Vladimir Putin and the Russian population is clear against it. "No, it is not necessary to seek a compromise here," he said. Previously, the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg had convicted of Russia because it has not authorized official recognition for same-sex couples.

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A Mnesty International Monte again to the niche after revelations on the software D PEGASUS espionage. For the NGO, this case reveals "a global human rights crisis". What to push it to apply for a moratorium on the sale and use of monitoring technologies before setting up a regulatory framework. The NGO alerts in a statement on "devastating effects on human rights all over the world of a low regulated cybersurveillance sector".

The revelations of the Pegasus project "clearly show the dangers and damage to which are exposed to illegally target people," said Agnès Callamard, General Secretary of Amnesty International , cited in this statement. Israeli NSO company, which has designed the software, "is a company among others. This is a dangerous sector that has been working for too long on the limit of legality, "says Amnesty. "It is absolutely urgent that the regulation of the cybersurveillance sector (?) And the control of this very opaque sector are strengthened," says the NGO.

journalist organizations require information about use of spies

 journalist organizations require information about use of spies Berlin. After the revelations about the use of the Pegasus software for spending journalists, activists and oppositional worldwide, the German journalist Association demands Enlightenment. © Sebastian Gollnow Symbol image. According to new reports on the use of an exhaust software against activists and reporters, German journalist associations have demanded education and countermeasures.

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Video: PEGASUS Project: Morocco Defamination Attack Forbidden Stories and Amnesty in Paris (France 24)

50,000 phone numbers

Amnesty International requests that a moory be" immediately established on the export, sale, transfer and use of monitoring technologies until a human rights regulatory framework is put in place ". "The fact that senior politicians have been caught in the nets of surveillance technologies, hopefully, finally alert the states around the world on the imperious need to react by regulating this sector", writes the NGO. "If the leaders of the planet are thus targeted, this further confirms that the rights of all persons, including those of the human rights activists, journalists and lawyers, are in danger. , "Says Amnesty.

More than 50,000 mobile phone numbers: activists and journalists worldwide wired worldwide

 More than 50,000 mobile phone numbers: activists and journalists worldwide wired worldwide revelations about the worldwide spying on journalists, activists and oppositionals by state jobs have taken care of outrage. "If it is true, then it is completely unacceptable," said on Monday EU Commission Chefs Ursula von der Leyen. It reacted to reports that used intelligence services and policeholders of several countries used the advanced spies of an Israeli company to tap mobile phones. © dpa The allegations are directed against the Israeli software provider NSO.

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The Morocco complained for defamation against us and @fbdnstories following revelations on #pegasus

we took note of the prosecution and consult our lawyers .

One thing is certain: we will continue to denounce the illegal use of digital monitoring tools.

? Amnesty France (@amnestyfrance) JULY 24, 2021

introduced into a smartphone, the Pegasus software allows you to retrieve messages, photos, contacts, and remotely activate the microphones. Organizations Forbidden Stories and Amnesty International have obtained a list of 50,000 phone numbers, selected by NSO clients since 2016 to be potentially monitored, and shared it with a 17-media consortium that revealed its existence on Sunday. The list of potential targets includes numbers of at least 180 journalists, 600 men and women politicians, 85 human rights activists or 65 business leaders, based on consortium's analysis? which has located a lot in Morocco, in Saudi Arabia or the Mexico . The world and Radio France , members of the consortium, revealed that an telephone line Emmanuel Macron was one of the "numbers selected by a Moroccan state security service (?) For piracy potential" .

Pegasus: The Israeli government launches a perilous investigation on NSO .
The members of the Israeli government visited the premises of the publisher. This one continues to deny any abuse of use of its espionage software. © Pegasus: The Israeli government launches a dangerous investigation on NSO in the face of international pressure, the Israeli government probably did not have the choice. According to the MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW, it has indeed been to launch a survey of NSO Group's abusive practices, the Espionage Pegasus software publisher.

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