US News: Seehofer points out questions about catastrophe protection

Iran controls Mosque Club in Hamburg: Constitutional protection sees "Islamic Center Hamburg" Outpost of Mullah Regime

 Iran controls Mosque Club in Hamburg: Constitutional protection sees The suspicion is stronger. After findings of Hamburg's constitutional protection, the IZH is conducted by the office of the Iranian Revolutionary Khameni © Photo: Christian Charisius / dpa Handle of Iran.

Since the devastating flood, the disaster protection is massive in criticism. In the case of a special session, Federal Interior Minister of Seehofer must face the deputy in the interior committee.

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After the storm disaster, the interior committee comes together in the Bundestag a special session. In addition to possible fixes of the authorities, the deputies want to talk about whether the federal government should do more for civil protection in the future. The managing acute catastrophes has so far been in the responsibility of the countries and municipalities. The federal government has the task of ensuring the protection of the population in the defense case. Some experts consider this division no longer up to date.

Fetalism: If you are responsible for disasters

 Fetalism: If you are responsible for disasters The federal government has the THW, the countries are responsible, the municipalities must act: the civil protection in Germany is complicated, which has also shown the flood. © Imago Images The Technical Hilfswerk Zwickau started according to Ahrweiler catastrophic aid from Saxony: A water treatment plant should be transported to the catastrophe area. It can prepare around 20 thousand liters of water in drinking water per hour.

Information Give the members of the Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) and the President of the Federal Office of Population Protection and Disaster Relief (BBK), Armin Schuster. In March they had presented a concept for a reorientation of the BBK, which provides for more intensive collaboration between federal and state crisis . Schuster had already granted errors in the system in the devastating flood disaster.

to late warnings?

persistent heavy rain led to floods in Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia on 14 July. At least 179 people died. After the storm disaster, it had alleged allegations that people in the affected areas were not warned quickly enough. In particular, Seehofer was massively criticized.

Floods: Berlin decides early financial aid for the victims

 Floods: Berlin decides early financial aid for the victims © provided by the point L e Government of Angela Merkel will unlock Wednesday a first emergency aid of several hundred million euros to relieve the Dispedrol with deadly floods in the west of Germany , where reconstruction looks long and expensive. These floods, larger natural disaster in the last decades in Germany, caused the death of 169 people in the country, according to one last point Tuesday. In Belgium , 31 people died, bearing the temporary assessment of the bad weather at 200 victims.

Kipplader transportieren Müll und Bauschutt aus den Hochwassergebieten ab © Thomas Frey / DPA / Picture Alliance Tipping loaders Transport waste and rubble from the flood areas from

Video: Merkel: For flood protection "completely new reflection" (AFP)

In the afternoon, Green Chancellor Candidate Annalena Baerbock and the domestic political Speaker of the Green Bundestag Faction, Irene Mihalic, comment on the teachings from the flood disaster. It should also be possible to change potential changes in population protection and disaster relief.

GREEN: Basic Law Change Indispensable

Mihalic had previously requested a competence at the federal level for cross-national or special locations. "We know such a model in the police from the Federal Criminal Police Office, which also takes over a coordinating role in special situations," said Mihalic. The Federal Office for Population Protection and Disaster Assistance must take over this task. Mihalic also holds a constitutional change on the reform of civil protection for indispensable.

Taster to storm in Saxony

At the weekend, there have been other storms in some parts of Germany. During a heavy rain in the Saxon white water, a 67-year-old man came to life. As the police announced, the man on Sunday with a dive pump wanted to pump the water from the fully run cellar of his garden house and suffered a deadly electric shock. According to the German Weather Service (DWD), about 40 liters per square meter had fallen in the region. Also in Berlin, cellars and streets were flooded by heavy rainfall. The fire department was called to more than 250 weather-related inserts.


UN climateFin pokers more ambitious objectives of each country .
The UN climateFin Patricia Espinosa has prompted the signatory states of the Parisian Climate Protection Agreement on more ambitious national climate targets. Only slightly more than half of the Contracting States have submitted to the United Nations updated plans to reduce their CO2 emissions, criticized the director of the UN climate secretariat on Saturday. Dissatisfied Espinosa also showed the "ambition level" of the present national climate protection plans.

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