Politics: Why the artistic career of Hunter Biden embarrassed the White House

Biden’s Spaghetti-at-the-Wall Vaccine Campaign

  Biden’s Spaghetti-at-the-Wall Vaccine Campaign The play-it-safe approach to inoculating Americans against COVID-19 may cost more lives.You might think that, in his quest to quell the coronavirus, President Joe Biden would be ready to try anything. But there are indeed some things he won’t try, and the reason is a familiar one. Biden’s vaccination drive has the feel of a political campaign that’s targeting the persuadable middle, when what’s really needed is a novel way to reach the proudly irrational. He’s using many of the same tools he employed in 2020: celebrity endorsements and door-to-door contacts, TV ads and the bully pulpit. Fewer and fewer unvaccinated Americans are heeding the message.

Hunter Biden à Washington le 23 juillet 2021. © BRENDAN Smialowski / AFP Hunter Biden in Washington on July 23, 2021.

White House said on Friday take ethical precautions around the exhibition and sale of tables youngest son Joe Biden. The Biden administration, which wants irreproachable ethical, does not want the artistic career of Hunter Biden opens up potential conflicts of interest.

With a particularly troubled personal life and a professional career glazed controversy, Hunter Biden, 51, is considered the enfant terrible of US president. After the US Navy, finance or the natural gas industry, the youngest son of Joe Biden embarked on painting. An artistic career that, again, could pose conflicts of interest issues to his father, the 46th president of the United States .

Biden and White House sharpen strategy to confront epic challenges

  Biden and White House sharpen strategy to confront epic challenges Joe Biden's presidency is only six months old, but the mood inside the White House can often feel like a race against time. © Susan Walsh/AP President Joe Biden speaks during a meeting with his Cabinet in the Cabinet Room at the White House in Washington, Tuesday, July 20, 2021. "The clock is running. We all know that," a senior adviser to Biden said, speaking on condition of anonymity. "The President certainly knows that.

Tables of Hunter Biden will be exposed later this year in Los Angeles and at the Galerie Georges Berges New York. But several American media in particular point to the risk of industrial or financial buy his works for the sole purpose of attracting the good graces of the White House. According to CBS News , the amount of tables go up to $ 500 000.

Hunter Biden expected to meet with potential art buyers before anonymous dirty https://t.co/YgY17YaJDH

- CBS News (@CBSNews) July 21, 2021,

interview with CBS News, Robin Davis, spokesman for the Galerie Georges Berges, confirmed that the businessman became a painter attend events. "He wait to be" , has he said. But the presence of Hunter Biden to these exposures, where he might have to meet potential buyers, goes against an agreement with the owner of the gallery, says the American chain. This agreement aims to keep secret the identity of buyers and Hunter Biden for President Biden, the White House and the public.

Biden hits trail for McAuliffe in test of his political brand

  Biden hits trail for McAuliffe in test of his political brand President Biden is set to hit the campaign trail for the first time since becoming commander-in-chief on Friday with former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D), posing a test for Biden’s political brand ahead of the 2021 and 2022 elections. © The Hill Biden hits trail for McAuliffe in test of his political brand Biden and McAuliffe, who have been friends for over 40 years, will appear together in the Democratic stronghold of Arlington, Va.

Confidential transactions?

Questioned repeatedly about the artistic career of the son of Joe Biden, the Biden administration said on Friday, speaking through his spokesman Jen Psaki that ethical precautions around the whole exhibition and sale of paintings from Hunter Biden taken. She confirmed the president's son was going "attend events," assuring that it was "not the same as meeting potential buyers' . Jen Psaki

previously announced July 9 the establishment of an "system allowing Hunter Biden to practice with reasonable safeguards" , including confidentiality of any transaction and the lack of contact the buyers.

"All exchanges concerning the sale of works and the amount will be led by a professional gallery, following the strictest rules. Any abnormal tenders will be rejected ", explained Jen Psaki. "The gallery will not deliver any information on buyers or potential buyers, including their identity, whether at Hunter Biden or administration, which ensures a high level of protection and transparency" .

The Mark of Klain

  The Mark of Klain Washington does well as the world falls apart.Everyone who was anyone in Barack Obama’s Washington was there. One’s absence signified one’s exclusion from the tribe. To know Ron Klain, then, is to have entered the power elite. “Plans for his 60th,” Leibovich continues, “have become such a source of Beltway status anxiety that a small universe of Washington strivers is angling for details: Some have asked White House contacts whether a celebration is in the works and if invitations have gone out.

A favorite target Donald Trump

Hunter Biden is one of the favorite targets of former President Donald Trump. The former tenant of the White House in particular attacked the cadet addict spent the Biden family or economic interests in Ukraine and China when his father was vice president of Barack Obama (2009 to 2017).

In addition to being subject to a federal investigation into possible tax offenses, Hunter Biden has made about him in the spring by publishing a book about his fight against addiction to crack cocaine and alcohol. "I'm not part of an administration, I am a member of a family" , he told the BBC when promoting his book. An advertisement that Biden would certainly well placed, just months after his installation in the Oval Office.

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